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About Namjo Pan

I am Korean and I studied abroad in China. 

I received my Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine which is the top TCM university in China. 

And I received my Master’s degree from Alhambra medical university, CA. USA 

I am practicing in other global communities including China and Korea with more than 20years of experience in their professional fields of expertise. 

My specialties include the treatments of all types of pain, hair loss, cosmetology, immune disorders, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, chronic disease, infertility and women’s health, and men’s health. 

My goal is to assist patients in the natural healing process with customized acupuncture, oriental medicine, and cupping, to identify and treat not only the patient’s symptoms but also the unique disease patterns and root causes of the disease.

Facial & Cosmetic Acupuncture and LED Light Therapy

Cosmetic acupuncture is an ancient beauty secret and is used by both men and women as a non-toxic method to minimize fine lines and wrinkles from the face Our cosmetic treatment focuses on each individual’s needs, we treat our patients based on their skin issues. The treatment aims to normalize and return the skin to a younger and more youthful state. Our cosmetic treatments include a personalized combination of one.

When applied to the face, LED therapy has the potential to enhance skin cell microcirculation, improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate production of collagen and elastin soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and delay the signs of aging. It is also relaxing, rejuvenating and affordable, with no post treatment downtime.

Accepted All Out-of-Network(PPO) of acupuncture covered

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